Donate to the Austin Youth River Watch

Help transform a young person’s life AND provide critical water-quality data for our community.

Use the buttons below to donate online, right now, through PayPal. Your donation will go straight into our work with our River Watchers, helping us pay for program supplies, gas for our vans, snacks for our students, staff time, and more. We cannot do our work without supporters like you — THANK YOU!

Make a Monthly Donation

What am I paying for? On an annual basis, here are examples of what you’re helping with:

  • $250/month: Supports a River Watcher for an entire year.
  • $100/month: Buys a tankful of gas every month. (Our vans have big tanks!)
  • $20/month: Buys safety supplies like gloves, sunscreen, and bandaids for a semester.

Monthly donations are deducted in the first few days of each month. Note that PayPal uses our legal name, which is the Colorado River Watch Foundation Inc., DBA Austin Youth River Watch.

Enter the amount you want to pay each month


Make a One-Time Donation

Click this button to make an easy online donation:

You can also write a check to Austin Youth River Watch, and mail it to:

Austin Youth River Watch
P.O. Box 40351
Austin TX, 78704-0006.

Austin Youth River Watch is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are 100% eligible for tax deductions.

Other ways to support us:

Stop by Give as You Get before you shop online:

Give As You Get

When you shop online at retailers like,, and others, stop by Give As You Get first, and a portion of your proceeds will benefit River Watch!

Donate your vehicle (car, truck, boat, snowmobile, spaceship) through C.A.R.S.

Donating A Car

Got an old clunker? No matter where you are in the U.S., these folks will come get your clunker, sell it for a good price, and then donate the net proceeds to River Watch. What a deal!